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There are three categories of dog trainers that can be put on a sliding scale. The first is on the left, the trainers who will beg and bribe their dog to do something they want. There is no correction or no distraction. The third group on the far right are the people who use force to teach their dog something. While it may work, the bond between trainer and dog is completely lost. At, we bring in a specific medium that balances between both the first and third category. We train dogs using motivational techniques such as marker training. We give our dogs high value rewards when they've done something they were told. If they refuse to do something that we KNOW that they've already learned, then that's where we give them a correction.

Dog training is not rocket science. If you think about it, it's all common sense. Based on analytical observation, you'll find out a lot of things about your dog and about dogs in general. It takes time and practice to master the art of dog training but the people who are willing to take the challenge are the true dog trainers out there.

About Ed Frawley

Ed Frawley started his training with dogs when he was 16 years old. Ed Frawley's 45+ years of experience varies from different dog training categories. Ed Frawley has worked with Personal Protection dogs, S&R dogs, narcotics dogs, and dogs who train for Schutzhund. Not only that but Ed Frawley has also bred over 350 litters of German Shepherds in his lifetime.

As an advocate for dogs, Ed Frawley started up Leerburg Video and Kennel (now called Leerburg Enterprises) to produce videos for dog trainers as well as raise the best German-line GSDs in America. Ed Frawley started filming in the 1980's and now has over 120 DVDs up-to-date. These videos cover a variety of topics from narcotics dog training to establishing a pack structure in your home. The videos Ed Frawley produces are of the best quality with information you can certainly apply with your dog.

Ed Frawley is still currently making videos today. You can visit Leerburg on Demand for more streaming access to his videos.