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Stainless Steel Dog Dish

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Stainless Steel Bowl Sizes:

*Measurements may vary slightly.

We offer three different sizes of stainless steel dog bowls. The pint-sized dog bowl is perfect for puppies. We use them daily here at Leerburg Kennels. (We also use them for our kittens.) They are made of the finest quality heavy-duty stainless steel. I could sell bowls for 1/3 the cost but take a look at what they would look like in a year. These bowls are 5mm to 5.5mm thick.

Our dog bowls are perfect for use as a food or water dish. They are also dishwasher safe. Twenty nine years ago we learned the hard way that plastic dog bowls are not a good idea for dogs. They scratch, they get chewed up and they are hard to clean. This is not the case with a stainless steel dog bowl.

Our 3-quart dog dish is what we use for the adult dogs in our Kennel. It is perfect for use with the raw diet where the dog may eat 2 chicken leg quarters and some hamburger. The supplements, salmon oil, eggs, chicken, etc. fit perfectly in these extra large dog bowls. The base of the bowl is wide and flat...much more convenient then a rounded food dish, and far less chance of spilling.

The 5-quart dish is perfect for large breeds of dogs. they also make excellent water dishes (we have one in the kitchen of our house. The large, heavy bowl is also wide and deep enough to help prevent tipping during mealtimes.

The 5 quart bowls are great for Mastiffs, Great Danes, St. Bernards.